Thursday, April 16, 2015

Only the Innocent

In Rachel Abbott's Only the Innocent, the first installment in the DCI Tom Douglas, she wrote us a gripping tale that's morbidly disturbing. When Laura Kennedy married Sir Hugo Fletcher, she thought he was her knight in shining armor, the man of her dreams. He was a total nightmare with a dark and twisted past. When DCI Tom Douglas investigated his death, he learned secrets of his life, before and after he married Laura for all of the wrong reasons. It ran the gamut from human trafficking to S&M bondage. While Tom dug into Laura's life, the shocking truth came out on what he'd done to her to keep silent. In the end, all's revealed with a disturbing revelation.

This was a shocking and disturbing serial thriller debut from Rachel Abbott. I cared about Laura, Imogene and Alexa. I didn't care much for Annabel and hated Hugo, who was one twisted SOB. I also cared about Tom and Becky, and didn't like Kate much and adored Lucy. I loved the Italian and English locations in this novel and a brief memorable mention of the Greek setting, too. This would make you drop your jaw in shock and awe and shake your head in disgust. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and terrific intrigue and mystery from the first page to the last.

Will you be reading Only the Innocent this weekend? Check it out!

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