Monday, September 7, 2015

Black-Eyed Susans

In Julia Heaberlin's Black-Eyed Susans, prepared to be chilled and thrilled in this three-part dark thriller. For Tessa "Tessie" Cartwright, at age sixteen, she was left for dead in a Texas field of Black-Eyed Susans and was the only who survived and became blind. In this thriller, we watched the grown-up Tessa as a mother of a teenage daughter who's been haunted and taunted by her neighbors as the killer's days come close to a screeching halt in the end before his execution on Death. With flashbacks to a young Tessa, before and after her trial, when multiple events unfolded to a surprising climax of the true identity of the killer's being revealed by a blast of her past with a huge bombshell that would blow you away!

This was one mind-blowing dark thriller that would leave you chilled, until after you finished reading it. I did really care about Tessa/Tessie, then and now, and how she became a strong mother of a teen daughter. I didn't like her best friend Lydia at all. And as for the real serial killer, who could he do that to her and others? I really love the Texas locations for the past and present for the location and how the black-eyed Susans became symbolic to the storyline. This is a must-read straight to the end and with the light on with excellent non-stop action, suspense, intrigue and lots of chills.

Will you pick a bouquet of Black-eyed Susans today? If so, hold on tight!

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