Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happiness Key

In Emilie Richards's Happiness Key, the first installment in the Happiness Key Woman's fiction series, this was a beautiful story about four women who came together with not much in common. For Tracy Deloche, when her husband was sent to prison, she was left with five cottages on a strip of beach land as their landlord. As she tried to make ends meet by finding a job and love, she bonded with three of her tenants and neighbors, Janya Kapur, an Indian woman who's trying to find her way to love to her arranged husband and trying to move away from being shunned in the past, Wanda Grey, an old woman who's trying to find her own way to freedom from her husband and come to love him again, and Alice Brooks, a grandmother who's mourned the loss of her daughter and became the victim of an elder abuse situation with her son-in-law, while protecting her granddaughter. Together, they solved the mystery of Herb Krause, a former tenant who passed away, and came together as friends and so much more.

This was a real beautiful woman's fiction novel about love, life, family and friendship, all wrapped up in this storyline. I cared about Tracy, Wanda, Janya and Alice and Olivia. I've grown to care for Marsh and despised Lee on the spot. I loved the Florida Key along the coastline for this idealistic novel about learning to love and lean on each other. This would bring you into their lives and open your heart with a big smile with tons of romance, non-stop action, drama and intrigue.

Will you find your own Happiness Key today? If so, check it out!

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