Monday, September 21, 2015

Open Season

In CJ Box's thriller debut, Open Season, the first installment of the Joe Pickett thriller series, it hits close to home and personal in this fascinating thriller. For Game Warden Joe Pickett of Saddlestring, Wyoming, it all started with the altercation and murder of Ote Kelley. From there, he investigated the murder of two fellow outfitters in the mountains and came across some hard obstacles along the way. While this went on, his oldest daughter Sheridan came across some endangered species, when someone watched her from the shadows. The closer he'd gotten to the truth, his family's life and job became entangled on the line of crossfire, when it dealt with dirty politics and the endangered species. And when someone targeted his pregnant wife and daughter, there's going to be hell to pay in self-defense to the bittersweet end.

This was a fantastic thriller debut from CJ Box, though I've read one of his books awhile ago. I really cared about Joe and his family, while he dealt with wildlife during the hunting season. I really loved the scenic descriptions of the settings and locations in Saddlestring, Wyoming. It magically transported you there to take you places. This would reel you in and take you on a wild ride through Wyoming's mountains and beyond with non-stop action, intrigue, drama and plenty of suspense.

Will you be ready for open season today? If so, check it out now!

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