Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sanctuary Island

In Lily Everett's Sanctuary Island, the first installment in the Sanctuary Island, you're transported to a heart-warming and fantastic contemporary romance novel that you would move you to tears. For Ella Preston, she thought her sister's Merry's idea to visit their estranged mother on Sanctuary Island a bad idea after fifteen long years. But things changed for Ella and Merry, when they arrived on the island and become awed on the island's beauty. When they met the vet, Ben, and his best friend, Grady Wilkes, it opened a whole new world for them. It gave Jo Ellen Hollister, their mother, to reconnect with them, while she faced a debt that needed to be paid. Within time, Ella and Grady grew closer together, when Merry gave birth to her son. Time tended to heal her own wounds and heart, too.

This was such a beautiful contemporary romance series. It reminds me of The Horse Whisperer that meets Bridges of Madison County in a way. I fell in love with this novel and debut by Lily Everett. I cared for Merry, Ella and Jo Ellen. I'm so glad that they bonded and started fresh, even on the island. I loved how Ella and Grady came together and healed each other's hearts. I thought Taylor was okay as a pain in the butt. I loved the island location with the horses and how it resembled like a small town. This would reel you in and take you on a fantastic ride like in a carnival with great drama,  romance, lots of romance and intrigue from start to finish.

Will you take a trip to Sanctuary Island today? If so, buckle up on the ferry ride now.

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