Saturday, September 19, 2015

Live Bait

In the second installment of PJ Tracy's Monkeewrench Mystery series, Live Bait, this mystery tackled a lot of history with humor and hits a sore spot with intrigue. For Leo Magozzi and his fellow police officers, it all started with a murder of Morey Gilbert and the tortured death of Arlen Fischer. For two separate cases, they worked two grizzly crimes when they tried to find a connection. When two other seniors were killed the same way, they tried to find a bigger link. And that's when they've found out about their tattoos on their arms. When Morey's son was being shadowed by the killer, that's when Leo placed protection from him, while he asked Grace for her help to widen their net even bigger. And when she did, it's quite shocking, when they discover about unsolved murders and who the killer really was and why in the end, after they lost one of their own.

This was a gripping mystery that had hard bits of humors and tackled a most disturbing crime in their neighborhood. I did care about Grace and Leo coming together as a couple and his fellow police officers. I felt sorrow for Marty, Jack and Lily, too. There's some colorful characters in this novel. I liked the Minnesota location for the storyline and for the settings. This left me feeling so cold all over from start to finish. Great drama, non-stop action, mystery and intrigue on every page.

Will you try tackle some live bait tonight? If so, check it out now!

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