Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Minute Zero

In Todd Moss's Minute Zero, the 2nd installment of the Judd Ryker International political thriller series, the country of Zimbabwe took central stage in this thriller. When an American tourist was killed in Victorian Falls, that was the start of this gripping thriller, when it edged closer to their Election Day. And that's when Judd Ryker was sent down to oversee the Zimbabwean elections for any conflict, and if his Minute Zero proposal plan would be needed. At the edge of your seat, from Washington D.C. to Africa, there's scandals, violence, and a potential uprising, when there was a blackout, and two assassinated politicians at the cutthroat of political turmoil, when Judd witnessed it all. Back home, his wife Jessica had harbored a deep secret about her past that would blow you away in the shocking climax with the final time-tomb.

This was a most fascinating and intriguing international political thriller that would take you at the edge of your seat. I cared about Judd and Jessica and the political turmoil that brewed in Zimbabwe between both political parties. I loved the central locations of Zimbabwe and Washington D.C. for the dual settings. I didn't like Zagwe and Harriet pretty much--the same went for Simba. This would take you on a wild and crazy ride with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and lots of suspense.

Will you need a minute zero for a SOS?

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