Sunday, February 26, 2017

Darkness Awakened

In Katie Reus's Darkness Awakened, the first installment in the Darkness paranormal romance series, you'll be howling at the moon and join the pack in this sexy novel. Finn Stavros is the Alpha of his pack in Biloxi. When his former flame, Lyra Marius, a vampire, asks him for his help to rescue her teenage daughter Vega, he became curious to know about her hybrid daughter. Lyra had kept the truth from Finn, that he's the father of her daughter, when they were lovers 17 years ago, as she was kicked out from her coven, pregnant with his baby. When he agreed to help look for her, it had brought old hard feelings from what they had each other and look for signs of where she might be taken in New Orleans. As the truth dawned to his on Vega's true paternity, he would search tooth and limb to close out the hellgate from Akkadian demons and to seek revenge on Lyra's brother, Claudius, who needed Vega's blood to open the gates. As when hell did break loose, it was up to both Lyra and Finn to stop the madness and to close the gate. That's when there's a new peace treaty between the wolves and the vampires on the land, when Finn claimed Lyra and Vega as his own and have his packmates at his feet to rule the kingdom with a happy ever after of his own.

This was a most splendid and delightful paranormal romance debut with tons of surprises. I cared for Finn and his wolf pack and Lyra with her former vampire coven. I felt enchanted to know their story of how they met in the past and bonded with each other now. I loved how they came for different species and how they defied the odds to find each other as their mates. I loved the dual locations of Biloxi and New Orleans and how the animal shifters bonded with the vampires and destroyed the bad guys. This sent shivers down my spine as the exoticism had upped the hotness level of their steamy romance. This has non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of romance along the way.

Will you be ready to read Darkness Awakened today?

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