Saturday, February 4, 2017


n Ted Dekker's Three, this thriller will make you look closer and make your heart beat race. It all started for Kevin Parsons, a Seminary student, when he received a call from someone named Slater. If he doesn't answer the riddle, his car would blow up in three minutes. In a race against time, Kevin is thrown into the spotlight and a person of interest of the Long Beach PD and the FBI. With more cryptic riddling messages from Slater, he calls his childhood friend Sam Sheer. For FBI Agent Jennifer Peters, she's on the hunt to find the Riddle Killer who killed her brother three months ago. She joins forces with the LBPD and helps Kevin in this case, tracking this person who calls himself Slater. That's when she digs deeper into Kevin's past, when she shed some light into his childhood as more explosive riddles tick by. Each ones were opposite and divided by three, when Kevin couldn't confess his sin on his own. When it had caught up to him, it's another race against time, when the truth would be divided in the end on who's Slater in a shocking ending.

This was a fascinating and compelling thriller with a Christian fiction slant. I cared about Kevin and how he had been through a terrible childhood living with his horrible aunt. She was the real reason why he came out that way. I also liked Jennifer Peters who mourned the loss of her brother and had been on a mad hunt for his brother's killer. I liked they came together to solve the biggest puzzle of them all to solve the riddle. I loved the California locations of Long Beach and the scenic settings between past and present in Kevin's state of mind. This would leave you breathless and at the edge of the seat with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and a lot of suspense. 

Will you be able to answers the riddled questions in Three?

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