Friday, February 3, 2017

Waking Nightmare

In Kylie Brant's Waking Nightmare, the first installment in the Mindhunters romantic suspense series, this debut would keep you at the edge of your seat. Be careful on who you tell your darkest secrets and fears too. For Abbie Philipps, she's the newest member of Detective Ryne Robel's task force team in Savannah, when they deal with a serial rapist/murder on the scene. With a lot of emotional baggage from her past and her sister's mental health issues, she had a lot on her own plate to deal with. Being criticized by Robel and his fellow task members shouldn't be one of them. They needed her to profile this UNSUB's mind and to get inside to make him tick. One by one, she began connecting the dots to what drew his victims together, while she tried not to get too close to Ryne. For Robel, Abbie was more than a pretty face to join his team. But when they worked together to establish victimology, he had his own heated feelings for her on a more intimate and personal nature.  He also carried a darkest secret of his own that he had to live with. As they discovered closer to identifying the perp, it hit too close to home when Abbie's sister had brought home the killer and put their own lives in danger, when they had to find for themselves in the end.

This was a mind-blowing fantastic romantic suspense debut. I cared about Abbie and what she had to go through and endure with Callie. I hoped Callie would get the medical help she needs with her medication, or she could be a danger to herself or to others. I also loved Ryne Robel and how he put himself in front of others and cared for Abbie along the way. I adored the Savannah locations and scenic settings from the GBI and elsewhere inside and outside. This would send you a wild emotional roller coaster ride as you would moan and swoon for Ryne as you would take heart of how Abbie took care of herself. This had tons of hot romance, plenty of drama, suspense,  intrigue, non-stop action and chills along the way.

Will you be wary of the secrets and fears your keep in Waking Nightmare?

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