Sunday, February 5, 2017

Murder Strikes a Pose

In Tracy Weber's Murder Strike a Pose, the first installment in the Downward Dog Cozy Mystery, you'll enjoy this debut and strike a yoga pose at the same time too. When yoga teacher Kate Davidson encountered a homeless man named George and his monster-sized German Shepherd named Bella outside of her yoga center hawking cheap newspapers, she befriends him and his dogs and tries to force him to leave. But when she overheard a conversation outside of her center and discovers his dead body, she needs to provide a home for Bella, she digs into George Levin's background and learned what lead to him to live on the streets. When the police thought it was nothing but a brawl that did him in, Kate thinks otherwise, though she'd been threatened along the way. She would stop to nothing. With help from her best friend Rene and her boyfriend Michael, they figure it out, when she discovered who did him and why in the end as Bella saved her life and had found a new happy home with Kate.

This was a delightful yoga-centric cozy mystery debut. I loved everything about it, since I've been a fellow yogi for 2.5 years. I loved Kate and Rene as best friends and how Kate took care of Bella under her wings after George was murdered. I did feel sorry for him and thought Bella's former owners, Jake and George's daughter was creepy and bad in their own way. I felt sorry for Bella who endured such abuse and dealt with her own disease. I loved the Seattle locations and scenic settings from Kate's center to down in Seattle. This would make you cheer for Kate and Bella, boo at the bad guys, root for Kate and Michael, and feel at peace with yoga. This has great drama, non-stop action, intrigue, and plenty of suspense.

Will you dig into Murder Strikes a Pose and relax with yoga today?

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