Thursday, February 9, 2017


In Traci Tyne Hilton's Foreclosed, the first installment in the Mitzy Neuhaus Cozy Mystery series, get ready to enter the world of real estate. Mitzy Neuhaus is the top realtor in Portland who's against a rival realtor named Alonzo Miramontes. While the economy is dead for new prospective hot properties, there's a mansion that's been foreclosed by the bank. She wants to sell it to its new owners. But she had hit some snags along the way, besides Alonzo wanting that home for her sister Carmella to use as an inn. First, there's the stolen Russian jewelry at a charity auction that was bid on, her brother and sister-in-law's home broken into, including her office too. And there have been more things that have gotten awry, even after she broadcasted over the air in her radio spot. The potential buyers of that Victorian home pulled out, her best friend gets assaulted, and her rental burned down. When she wanted to check the place for herself, she meets the owner of the home and would do anything to stop her from buying it, even if the stolen jewels are hidden inside somewhere. It's up to Alonzo to team up and work together to stop him in its tracks.

This is a great new cozy mystery debut that deals with the cutthroat world of real estate business. I cared about Mitzy and her real estate firm. I had warmed up to Alonzo toward the middle and could see something brewing between them. I liked Sabrina and Ben and cared for her sister-in-law and brother and even her friend Joan, too. I liked the location of Portland Oregon to be very surreal with the settings. This would teach you a lot about foreclosure and real estate and entertain you with a gripping good tale with drama, suspense, intrigue, and lots of non-stop action.

Will you be wary when your home is foreclosed?

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