Sunday, February 19, 2017

Going for the Goal

In Sara Rider's Going for the Goal, the first installment in The Perfect Play hockey sports romance series, this novel scores on all levels and across the board on and off the ice. Jillian Nichols first met Nick Salinger, when she was a sports agent intern. Fast forward to a decade later, she now runs her own sports management agency and trying to make a name out for herself in the sports world. When Nick "the Punisher" Salinger needs a new agent, he remembers Jillian and asks her to sign him up. Hesistantly, she agrees to start a professional business relationship with him. While she helped him to control his temper, stay out of trouble, and maintain his sports image, the heat between them is sparking red hot, when they date and get to know each other better! As Jillian wants to be nominated for ASLMA as president, she dealt with a lot of interference from her former mentor and rival, who's a bit of a prick, and had poached her clients. When she was disqualified for the running of the board, due to ethical reasons, Nick has his own issues with his fellow team mate Sebastian Liakos, a hot head who likes to causing trouble amongst the team. He also would love to let his team win the Stanley Cup if Liakos didn't get in the way. Together, they've figured out a way to settle the score and get a happy ending to get what they want in the end... with each other.

This was a fantastic sports romance that features a hockey theme. I really liked Jillian and Nick together as a couple and really feel their pain on what they have to do to make ends meet. I couldn't stand Liakos and Parsons, when they had their comeuppance in the end for their shady business to ruin the fun for the both of them.  I really loved the New York sports scene with the compelling settings and the scenic locations in the area. This would make you root for Jillian and Nick on how they defeated the odds and grunt and groan for every twist and turn on every page. This sports romance has a lot of steamy romance, drama, non-stop sports action, and intrigue along the way.

Will you be going for the goal today?


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