Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taming Charlotte

If you love historical romances, you'll love Taming Charlotte by Linda Lael Miller, the second book from the Quade series. This was an excellent historical romance between two Americans, Charlotte who loved an adventure and a pirate named Patrick Trevarren, who loved the sea more than Charlotte, had brought danger, excitement, romance, and a child into the world. From Spain to the USA, there was dangerous intrigue in every turn, until he realized that she's the only one he couldn't live out. Truly beautiful. 

This was a heart-wrenching historical romance that was taken place over the  high seas. I love the connection between Charlotte and Patrick, two polar opposites seeking adventure. We began to care about them, since they were meant to be. Patrick had to decide between his pirating or Charlotte. In the end, he might the right choice. The location between Spain and the USA was just magical and lovely as well.

Ready to sail away with a pirate? Give this classic historical romance a try!

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