Monday, January 18, 2010


If you love a great romantic suspense novel, you'll enjoy Vanished by Karen Robards. Sarah Mason, an ADA in Beaufort, Kentucky, was caught up in a conspiracy, when she still grieved the loss of her missing daughter Lexie, who'd vanished for seven years. It all started with a phone call from a child that sounded like Lexie and turned to her best friend, Jake Hogan, who was also a PI. She fought a growing attraction to him. Together, they've found out the truth on what's been going on, inside and outside the court case, that dealt with a random amount of events that brought them together, as the passion exploded between them, which also lead to a shocking twist and a happy ending. This is a great one to bring a Kleenex for.

This was another compelling romantic suspense that tackled on hard core subject matters. I loved the Beauford Kentucky location for the scenic and idyllic background for this troubling storyline. I did feel an ache for Sarah, when Lexie turned up missing for years. I loved how she reached out to Jake to help her out, when there was a sparking chemistry between them. This one sent me shivers and cringe for every subtle bad part. It also made me cry in the end, too. Good drama, lots of sensual and sexual tension, and plenty of action and suspense to keep you reading.

Don't vanish on me! Give this one a try!

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  1. Why haven't I been following your blog? My head has been in the sand, I think. Thanks for the great review. But * book list has grown so long already. I will never write if I'm always reading. Oh well. Can't resist a good book.


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