Friday, January 8, 2010

13 1/2

Nevada Barr had fit herself into a new niche and stormed into the world of psychological thrillers. With her newest novel, a standalone thriller, 13 1/2, when she took a break from her Anna Pigeon mysteries, she created a turbulent and evil world between brothers, a sick case of sibling rivalry that had gone too far, when history had repeated itself, many years later. From Rochester Minnesota to Jackson Square, New Orleans, this was a compelling story about Polly falling in love with Marshall, who had a shady past, and what she did to survive.  Hang onto your seat. If you haven't read her novels, start now!

This was a great break for Nevada Barr to shift gears in genres. I did feel bad for Polly and her two daughters, when she'd gotten involved with a troubled guy like Marshall. I could see he had changed his ways, when he met Polly. So I was on the fence for him. I love the dual locations of Rochester, Minnesota and New Orleans for this stand-alone thriller.  This one sent me goosebumps up and down my spine, leaving me with a numb feeling. Good drama, great non-stop action and suspense, with tons of intrigue every step of the way.

Want to give 13 1/2 a try? Check out a copy today!

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