Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look but not touch

If you love great cozy mysteries, you'll enjoy Cynthia Baxter's Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries starring Jessica Popper, DVM. Monkey See Monkey Die is the seventh book in the series, when it deals with Jessica preparing to get married to Nick, and solving a friend from vet school's murder. This deals with exotic animals and zoos, when these animals are poached and sold illegally. Plenty of action and suspense for this drama. If you haven't read this series before, start with the first book, Dead Canaries Don't Sing. I'll be reviews books #5-6 later this year and will read her new series and book #8, next year. Enjoy! And be careful of poisonous animals!

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  1. Ooh! What an awesome blog you have! I'm glad I followed your comment over here.

    I love all the reviews for the different books!

    So cool!
    Jenni James


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