Friday, January 15, 2010

Open Season

If you love romantic suspense with a hint of humor, you'll love Open Season by Linda Howard. On Daisy Minor's 34th birthday, she wanted a family of her own. With encouragement from her family, she became independent and transformed herself with a makeover. Tired of her boring life as a librarian, she literally let her hair down and became a party girl.  One night, she witnessed something horrible, when the killer was now after her. What she had gotten involved to, was a heated relationship with the chief of police, and a government coverup, when her life was on the line.  Before she can share her life with the right man, she would have to save it first. This is a delightful read to those who love happy endings.

This was a fantastic romantic suspense from Linda Howard as well. I did care for Daisy, especially when she transformed herself from boring to exciting. And even more so, when she saw something she shouldn't see. I did like the Hillsboro, Alabama setting for the location of this novel. I did like the sparking chemistry between Daisy and hunky Jack Russo. This would make your heart pound and your pulse race with every page turn. Great drama, excellent suspense and sparking romance, and great non-stop action to the end. 

Are you ready for Open Season? Grab a copy tonight!

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  1. This was a good book (i recall reading it on vacation a few years ago). Glad u liked it too.


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