Saturday, January 30, 2010

Red Hot Lies

If you love great legal thrillers, you'll enjoy Red Hot Lies by Laura Caldwell, the first book in the Izzy McNeil Thriller series. This was a new one to enjoy. Set in Chicago, Izzy McNeil's life was turned upside down in the. Poor Izzy McNeil. While planning her wedding,  her boss was murdered and her fiancé was on the run, accused of stealing money. Meanwhile her life fell apart by rumors, the police and the FBI continued to stalk her. When people push comes to shove, lies showed up all over the place, when she finally heard from him. She teamed up with PI John Mayburn, while she helped him out with his own case, when her closest friend fell in love with her. Things got out of control, when she finally tracked her fiancé down and discovered the truth as shocking secrets exploded in the end at Panama. This was a great new legal thriller series to enjoy. Red Hot Lies was red hot for sure!

This legal thriller debut would send you on a wild roller coaster ride. We do get to know more about Izzy and her life. We care about her and her law career. I did feel bad about her, since she sorta lost her dad and now her fiancé disappeared. She ran into some nefarious characters that might be mob-related. That made me worried about her. There was so many twist and turns here. I loved Izzy's boldness and her relationship with Mayburn. I didn't like the sneaky mob connection. But the picturesque Chicago was so fine.

Ready for a wild chase? Give this one a go!


  1. I will have to look for this one. I enjoy a good legal thriller.


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