Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tempting Evil

If you love paranormal romances, you would enjoy Keri Arthur's Tempting Evil, the 2nd installment in the Riley Jensen series. Riley Jensen, part werewolf and part vampire, was on the hunt for the man who ruined her life and had worked her way to become a full-fledged Guardian of the Directorate. Set in Australia, she and her twin would go undercover to bring their nemesis down, while a werewolf and a vampire gave her pleasure and plenty of satisfying sex, along with Kade, a shape-shifting stallion.

This was an interesting introduction as well. For a paranormal romance with a hint of urban fantasy, it did have a little bit of everything and then some. I thought Riley was an interesting character being part wolf and part vamp. That's some crazy combination due to her breeding. I did feel sorry for her and for her twin as well. I did love the Australian backdrop for the setting of the series. I thought the Directorate's organization was quite interesting and amusing. Talk about a menage a trois of sorts, when three men wanted a piece of her in this twisted love rectangular or square. It did have a hint of eroticism for this paranormal romance with tons of dramatic action sequences.

Ready to tempt evil? Give this one a try this weekend!

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