Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad Blood

In Linda Fairstein's Bad Blood, the 9th installment in the Alex Cooper legal thriller series, she sent us another bone-chilling novel. Alex Cooper was embroiled into a heated court case against Brendan Quillian, who was accused of killing or hiring someone to kill his wife. When things couldn't get much worse, his witness had dropped a shocking bombshell. But what really rocked her world was an explosive from one of the water tunnels, and who had died. As they investigated the source of the explosion, they discovered some shocking old family history of the bad blood between two rival families, and a family secret  that was taken to the grave. With a hint of a blooming romance with a French chef, things took a twisty turn, when Quillian escaped from a courthouse brawl, when they reached the closer to the truth, the source of the bad blood, before their lives were in danger. What a great read!

This one was another amazing legal thriller in the series. I cared about Alex and how she worked with Mercer and Mike Chapman. Brendan Quillian was a crazy wacko in my opinion. I liked the New York City courtroom and the tunnels too for the vast locations and settings in New York state. This would hook you with a grabbing opening and pull you in for a wild ride. Once hooked, you can't stop reading every book in the series.  This would lure you in with drama,  suspense, non-stop action and intrigue from top to bottom.

Don't have any bad blood, after you read this book. Check it out now!

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