Sunday, January 2, 2011

Northern Lights

In 2009, I saw the TV movie  for Northern Lights on Lifetime. The print version was a bit longer than the TV movie version--more drama, more romance, more suspense. Ignatius "Nate" Burke was the new chief of police in Lunacy, Alaska, when he recovered from a loss in Baltimore, and warmed up to Alaska life. He met Megan "Meg" Galloway, who was the bush pilot, and fell in love with her. When three teenagers found a dead man in the ice cave, it stirred up trouble and controversy, when it turned out to be Meg's dad. When he investigated this murder, someone was killed, when the killer was on the loose, causing trouble for Nate and Meg, until he'd gotten what he wanted. In the end, Nate won Meg's heart and caught the bad guy. Good read!

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