Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Can Run...

If you love hot and explosive romantic suspense novels, you'll enjoy Carlene Thompson's You Can Run. Diana Sheridan received a call from her friend, Penny Conley, on her way home from a trip. When she arrived at Penny's house, Penny's home exploded and her daughter was missing. That's when she ran into Tyler Raines at the scene, a mysterious man with secrets of his own. While Penny remained in the coma, badly burned and disfigured, Penny's secrets came out on the open, after her daughter Willow was returned. From there, Diana learned on her past life and developed a connection to Tyler, that placed them together to protect her from Penny's killer, when they discovered the truth.

This was an amazing romantic suspense debut. I loved the opening sequence that opened up the novel with a bang. I loved Diana and Tyler as a couple. I did feel bad for Willow for losing her mother. I loved the backdrop of where it took place. Although Tyler was intriguing and warmed up to me, this would make you wonder about him as well. Fantastic writing, plenty of dramatic action, and steamy chemistry between Diana and Tyler.

Ready to get blown away? Check this out today!

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