Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Count to 10

If you love red hot romantic suspense, you'll enjoy Karen Rose's Count to Ten, the 6th book in the romantic suspense series. Set in Chicago, Detective Mia Mitchell was back from disability and was paired with OFI's Reed Soliday, after they've found a dead body in the fire. Between the two of them, they've gotten off on the wrong foot, when they discovered what made this person tick. As they get closer to the truth, more bodies were burned in the fire, and suspicion had been uncovered at Hope School. With Mia's excess baggage of family ties and Reed's teenage daughter becoming an obstacle, Reed and Mia fall in love and learn to love each other. As they discover who and why done it, both lives were in danger. An enjoyable read!

This was another fantastic and red hot romantic suspense. I cared about Mia and Reed, when they worked on this most complicated case. This set my hair on edge and raised them high like a black cat in fright. It all sent me cold shivers down my spine. I continue to love the Chicago for the central location and setting. Great drama, excellent suspense and hot romance, and plenty of intrigue to go a long way.

Will you count to ten for this book? If so, grab it this weekend!

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