Monday, January 24, 2011

Dante's Numbers

In David Hewson's Dante's Numbers, the seventh book in the Nic Costa series, this latest mystery was set in Italy and then to San Francisco, California. It all started with the production of Inferno, a movie based on Dante's poem about hell. For Costa, who mourned the loss of his wife, Emily, they go on an adventure on finding out who had kidnapped one of the actors. From there, things ended up wrong--he later turned up dead. Afterwards, they were in California, when there was multiple attempts to kill one actress, when other murders had happened. It was now up to them to make the connection to a classic Hitchcock film and who was behind the real mystery of the movie, while Nic fell in love with the leading lady. Lots of drama and intense action.

This was another gripping Italian mystery by David Hewson. I cared about Nic, since he mourned the loss of his wife, and how he returned to work for the Questera. I liked the Dante's Inferno movie twist to relate to the poem. I loved the Italian location for the settings and the side trip to San Francisco to find a connection there. This would leave you feeling numb and cold at the same time. It was also mind-blowing, too.  Great drama, plenty of non-stop action with twists and surprises at every page with lots of intrigue and mystery.

Will you follow Dante's Numbers? If so, give it a go today!

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