Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dark Challenge

If you love sexy paranormal romances, you'll enjoy Dark Challenge, the 5th book in the Dark Carpathian series by Christine Feehan. Julian Savage was a vampire hunter and a shape-shifter, when he had been tainted by a dark past of a vampire. He searched for his lifemate, Desari, who had a beautiful voice, and brought him light. Desari and Julian discovered each other and found out they belonged to each other, when the vampiric threat was out there to kill her family/band. They went through a lot together, to find the light to their dark tunnel, and fight every battle with the undead, with their happy endings. A delight!

This was a tempting paranormal romance with a hint of eroticism and urban fantasy. I loved the backdrop of the South American rain forest to paint the scenes so well. I loved how Desari used her voice to sing with the band. I didn't think Julian was dark in nature with his vampiric nature. There was some rough scenes to get through that dealt with violence. I liked how Desari and Julian got together to form a beautiful relationship together. This had plenty of heated romance, great drama, and intense action in every scene.

Ready to find your dark challenge? Grab a copy today!

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