Friday, January 21, 2011

Die For You

If you love suspense at the finest, you'll enjoy Lisa Unger's Die For You. This novels started with a chase scene in Prague, when Isabel Raines was injured. From there, she told her story of how her life unraveled with her husband, Marcus Raine, who wasn't what he said who he really was. She learned the truth on his deceit, his con, of how he set things up to exit their relationship and tarnished things with her family. When she gotten closer to the truth, she went after him and demanded answers, which might cost her her life. Beautiful scenes in Prague throughout the story and in New York, too. What a thrill ride.

This was an intense and exciting thriller. I love the backdrop of New York and Prague for the two locations. It really made it exhilarating to build up the suspense. I really felt bad for Isabel to go through this shock and awe in her life. Marcus had sent me some bad vibes. The FBI characters also gave me the chills. This made me drop my jaw, sigh and take a couple of deep breaths.  It left me feeling cold all over.

Ready for a trip across the country? Snag a copy today!

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