Wednesday, January 18, 2012


In this novel, Karen Robards placed us right in the middle of danger in Bait. Someone was after Maddie Fitzgerald, who started her own advertising company, and had a secret of her own. When there was a hit on her life, she me FBI agent, Sam McCabe, who was in charge of protecting her, while other people had been killed and taunted by the killer by phone. When she encountered McCabe, they butted heads. Later, they fall in love, knowing they were right for each other. When the truth came out in the open, it placed a kink into their relationship, when he discovered her real name and story, running and hiding from the mob, who were also after him. In the end, her past caught up with her, until McCabe saved her. What a great read.

This romantic suspense packed a punch or two. I loved the locale backdrop for this novel and the concept. I did feel a pang for Maddie, who had a secret or two to keep. I also loved Sam was a dashing FBI agent to save her. I think the match up between the two of them was magical and wonderful. We could really see the sparks flying between them to show their chemistry. I hated for the mob to come after her as well. Great drama, lots of heated romance, and plenty of action to keep you reading all day long.

Ready to catch a good read? Give this one a try!

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