Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Perfect Couple

If you love romantic suspense with tons of drama, you'll love the 4th installment in the Last Stand series. When Zoe Duncan's daughter is missing, her life is turned upside-down, and her secrets will be exposed. It's up to Jon Stivers from the Last Stand, a private investigator who's in love with Sheridan and assigned to the case, when he's on the scene. Little did he know, that he would fall in love with Zoe at the same time. During that one week, her world have been turned apart, when she dumped her stuffy fiancĂ© and reveals her past to him, when they travel to Northern California. Samantha has mono and has been kidnapped by her own next-door neighbors, the Bells,  who treated her like a pet, and has deadly secrets of their own. It's up to Zoe and Jon to find her before it's too late, and before she's the next victim. What a thrilling read!

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