Saturday, January 21, 2012

Farm Fresh Murder

In Paige Shelton's Farm Fresh Murder, the first installment in the Farmers Market's series, you'll be enticed into this new culinary cozy series debut. Becca Robins who was a farmer who made berry and pumpkin preserves at Bailey's Market. When word comes down that Matt Simonsen was murdered, everyone was a suspect, including herself and her twin Allison. She butted  head with Sam Brion, the police officer on the scene, and had feelings for Ian Cartwright, an artist who was a decade younger and clad with tattoos. There was chemistry between them. But for Becca, one of her friends was accused for murder. So now it's up to  her to figure it out, one by one. After a couple of close calls, she came closer to the truth that she thought, when she uncovered an old history of family secrets and former friendships. A great cozy with yummy recipes.

This was a compelling new culinary cozy fresh recipes you can make at home.  I really cared about Becca and Allison and became intrigued into her feelings for Ian. I really enjoyed the farmer's market area and location in South Carolina with great scenic settings of a rural small town. This would entice you, thrill you and excite you, all in the same time. Great drama, non-stop action with hints of suspense, intrigue, romance and mystery.

Will you check out farm fresh murder for yourself? Give it a try this weekend!

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