Saturday, January 28, 2012

Murder Uncorked

If you like tantalizing culinary cozies, you'll enjoy this one in the Wine Lover's Mystery Series. In Michele Scott's Murder Uncorked,  the first book in the cozy series, Nikki Sands was a waitress down on her luck and quit her job. When the handsome Derek Malveaux acquired her for a job in Napa Valley, working for his winery, she jumped at the opportunity, since she knew a lot about wines. But just her luck, when there was a murder on her doorstep and an interesting cast of characters who worked at the vineyard. Nikki was on the scene to get to the matter, when someone was out to get her, and someone else ended up getting killed. That's when she learned the truth and hidden secrets of who wanted to do Derek in, who she was quite attracted to. When she thought she had gotten the person, the person was out to get her, before it's too late. Bon appetite!

This was a wonderful introduction to Nikki Sands and the wine lover's series. I love the Napa Valley location with the vineyards. That went double with the wine pairings tips included in the book too. I loved how Nikki found new work at the winery and later meets Derek Malveaux.  There was a lot of good drama about the winery process and how they pick the grapes from the vineyards. Nice drama, good action, and nice hint of romance in this corked up cozy.

Ready to uncork a bottle? Bottoms up! Grab a copy this week!

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