Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All the Pretty Girls

If you love thrillers, you'll enjoy this one. Keep your lights on and lock your doors. Taylor Jackson was the new lieutenant for the Metro Police in Nashville, when a serial killer struck in her jurisdiction, leaving dead bodies and missing hands in other states. And then he snatched someone else. But that wasn't all who he left behind with him. John Baldwin was Taylor's lover and worked for the FBI on the Southern Strangler, while Taylor also worked on the Rainman case, a serial rapist who raped women on rainy nights. They were both very busy. But for both of them, things turned up the heat with the connection to the death of a local journalist, Whitney Connolly, who died in a car accident, and then discovered the truth of hidden family secrets and of the serial killer himself in JT Ellison's All the Pretty Girls, the first installment of the Taylor Jackson Thriller series.

I was gripped on the first page of this thriller and took deep breaths. You'll be sucked into the drama and place you right into the crime scene. I love the connection between Taylor and John Baldwin.  To describe it mildly would be considered real cold. I loved how Taylor interacted and took charge on her first crime scene cases, while she did double duty. We cared about her and Sam Owens as well. This thriller sent some ice cold chills down my spine as well, too.

Dare to read this thriller at night? Check it out now and keep your lights on!

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