Sunday, January 1, 2012

Murder Off the Books

If you love a fast read for a mystery, then you'll enjoy the Sullivan Investigation series by Evelyn David.  Mac Sullivan is a retired cop who's now a PI and has Whiskey, his faithful Irish wolfhound. He's on the case of an embezzlement at Concordia College, when a murder's taking place at the clock tower. And all fingers points to Rachel Brenner's brother, Dan Thayer, who's in hiding and suspicious. But she believes he's innocent and being framed--so does Rachel's son Sam and his friends Carrie and Ray. Sullivan and Rachel  butt heads, but together they find out the truth a bit deeper behind the college, when someone else's murdered. And more suspicion is piled up on Dan, especially when the third body pops up. In the end, it's someone they didn't expect who's real evil and behind the scheme.

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