Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deep in the Valley

If you love the Virgin River series, you'll love this earlier trilogy set in Grace Valley. In Deep in the Valley,  this story was about Dr. June Hudson and her small clinic, when she encountered marijuana drug growers, mountain families, and people with deep secrets. She was in her late thirties, craving for a man of her own and a baby, when Dr. John Stone came to her clinic. When one of her patients caused trouble and complained about him, she investigated the matter with her own concerns. When two people raided her clinic, she fell in love with one of them, who ended up being an undercover agent, and changed her life while keeping her own secrets. It was a great cross of a great medical drama and contemporary romance.

This was another magical contemporary romance series, while other characters crossed over in the Virgin River series to make an appearance or two. I loved the Grace Valley depiction of another wonderful California town. I loved the combination with medical drama and contemporary romance to give us a wonderful story. I did feel strong emotions for June. I did love the connection she had with John and the way it built up to a good climax and explosive chemistry. Tons of lovely drama in this one to pack a punch.

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