Friday, November 28, 2014

Compelling Evidence

Get ready for a wild courtroom case in the legal thriller debut from Steve Martini. In Compelling Evidence, the first installment in the Paul Madriani, it was told from his point of view in this explosive story. For Paul, he had a full plate on his hands. He tried to pick up the pieces of his failing marriage for his daughter, while he handed a probate issue and then later learned about one of his bosses at the law firm was dead. Staged to look like a suicide, all eyes were turned to his widow. With a lot of compelling damning evidence against her, it was up to Paul to prove her innocence to win the case. And in the end, there was a shocking ending that would blow you away on the true culprit.

This was a compelling legal thriller, two hands down. I loved the California backdrop for the legal thriller series. I loved how we get to see Paul inside and outside the courtroom, too. I did feel a bit of resentment toward his estranged wife Nikki and to Talia Potter. I couldn't stand Tony, who was a pain in the butt. I liked the built up of the trial from jury selection to the reading of the verdict. We can feel a lot of drama and action into this powerhouse legal thriller. From the first chapter to the conclusion, you would be hooked and reeled in like a big fish to keep on reading and find out what happened next.

Ready to hear the verdict? Grab a copy today!

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