Monday, November 17, 2014

Red, White and Dead

In the third installment of Laura Caldwell's Izzy McNeil legal thriller series, Red, White and Dead, Izzy McNeil was on an adventure of her life. Unemployed and looking for work, she always wondered about the mystery of her father's death. Little did she knew, it would take her to Italy to search for answers from her own aunt. The more she discovered the truth behind it and the Camorra mob connection, the more perilous she and her family would be. And in the end, there was an explosive ending that lead her back to home with a big bang! This one would blow you high!

I loved how this took center stage and away from the legal firm. This made it more personal for Izzy and for her whole family too. I loved the Chicago and Italy locations, especially to the island of Ischia. I didn't like Dez Romano and Ransom who went after Izzy. I was heartbroken to find out the truth and how it unraveled with a bittersweet mob connection. I loved how Theo and Izzy came together and how her brother Charlie had a pivotal secondary role. Plenty of non-stop action with a grand pace and plenty of dramatic suspense as well.

Ready for a wild ride? Check out the series today!

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