Monday, November 10, 2014

Died in the Wool

In the 10th installment of the Torie O'Shea series by Rett MacPherson, Died in the Wool,  she'd gotten herself into a pickle this time around. She had a lot of hands, since she ran the Gaheimer House of genealogical research and handling artifacts. One of her daughters, Mary, had a rebellious streak. Plus she was in charge of the rose show, and buying the Kendall house. When Evan Merchant decided to sell his house, Torie wanted to buy it for a textile museum. From there, she decided to uncover the mystery behind the Kendall siblings "suicides" and the story behind their life. When one of her neighbors accidentally gotten "poisoned", she wanted to take a closer look behind the tragedy behind. When she finally figured it out, she would never believe the truth to shock her small town.

For starters, I really felt sorry for Torie, since her daughter Mary was a bit rebellious and a troublemaker. She did it all for attention. I love Rudy and Torie. Eleanore, she can be annoying sometimes. New Kassel was an interesting German small town in Missouri with its own charm. I also felt bad for Glory Kendall, when she was trapped in an abusive home. I love the genealogical mystery angle to this cozy series.

Ready for a good tale? Give this one a try!

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