Monday, November 24, 2014

Death by Blue Water

In the first book in the Hayden Kent Cozy Mystery series, Death by Blue Water, Kait Carson took us to the dangerous depth of scuba diving in the Florida Keys. Hayden Kent was a paralegal and a fellow professional scuba diver, when she discovered a dead body in a salvaged shipwreck. Before she knew it, she'd gotten embroiled into a conspiracy and a controversy, too. Due to blackouts, the police focused her attention on her as a prime suspect, when she'd done her own investigation and ran into her ex who wanted to do her in. A lot of dramatic depth and cutthroat action under the water and above the surface with tons of twists and turns in the Florid Keys, too.

This was a fantastic introduction to the Hayden Kent series. I did feel true emotions for Hayden, who's love for scuba diving became dangerous to her life and others. My heart ached for when she had blackouts and had run-ins with the law and with her icky ex, Kevin.  I felt the same way for Elena, who was stuck into the same rut as she did. I liked how Hayden and Mallory came together to clear her name and protect each others. I loved the settings of the Florida Keys, above and under the water. Very intricate and visual with bright colors. It made me want to go there, too.

Don't go under! Order a copy today!

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