Thursday, November 20, 2014

Special review: Unleash the Night from September 2008

In Sherrilyn Kenyon's Unleash the Night, the 2nd book in the Were-Hunter Series, the 9th in the Dark Hunter World, she told us a different kind of story. Meet Wren Tigerian, a lone were-hunter with no clan to claim him, since he was born of a forbidden species between snow leopard and white tiger. He never listened to anyone when they was something he wanted... and that was Marguerite. Marguerite D'Aubert Goudeau was the daughter of a U.S. senator who was tired of living the socialite life in New Orleans. Like her mother before her, she had no choice but to conform. Her human realm shouldn't ever meet the world of the were-hunters that existed by their side, undetected and unseen. In order to have Marguerite, it was a race against time for the weres who wanted him dead and the humans who would never accept his human nature.

This was a compelling paranormal romance. I loved how she introduced us to a new kind of species or breed in the series. I loved the New Orleans locale too. It was so vivid and rich in detail for the scenery. My heart cried, when no one wanted Wren as one of his own. I felt bad and sorrow for him. I also felt the same kind of feelings for Marguerite, when she was stuck in the life of the rich. But I loved how they broke barrier laws in order to be together and went against the odds. This would send you on an adrenalin rush for sure.

Ready, set, go! Check this out today!

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