Friday, November 7, 2014

Daring a Duke

In the fifth installment of the Courtesan series by Claudia Dain, you'll be intrigued to read Daring a Duke. When New Yorker Jane Elliott and her two brothers arrive in England for their cousin's wedding, she had an aire about her. When her cousin-in-laws placed a wager on her, this was more than bets were off. With two protective brothers, she became tempted not to marry the Duke of Edenham, Hugh Austen. Thrice married and widowed with two young children, he became hooked on Jane and wants to marry her. But Jane had other plans for him, which would leave him begging for more. There's Sophia Dalby, a half-English, half-Iroquois woman who dared not to fall in love with another and seeking revenge on her mother's death. Her brothers were also become entangled with their own romances as well. Daring, swift and passionate, this historical romance would make you swoon.

In this historical romance, I loved the daring wits of Jane Elliott. She did lead him on, but she did win him over in the end. There's something you've got to love about her. She didn't let anyone sway her decision. I loved how it all took place in one setting--her cousin's wedding and following breakfast. There's a lot of action and drama in one swooping motion. I loved how Sophia kept her promise to her mother to herself and sought it out in the end. This made me hoot with laughter and root for both of them in the end.

Ready to read this if you dare? Grab a copy this weekend!

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