Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chasing the Night

If you love great thrillers, you'll love the next installment in the Eve Duncan series. When Catherine Ling approached Eve Duncan to help her find her son, she'd gotten more than she bargained for in Chasing the Night. She didn't know, if he's dead or alive, since he was abducted from her at age two, and it's nine years later. When Catherine encouraged Eve, she helped her with the age progression of what he looked like now at age eleven, even if nine years have been lost. When his abductor Rakovac called her from Russia, taunting her with his buried body, it prompted her to find him in Russia, as Eve tagged along. From there, it was a race against time as their enemies planted surprises up against them, including terrorist attacks, when they fought them to the finish for a bittersweet ending. What a great series. With this novel's cliffhanger, check out the Eve/Quinn/Bonnie trilogy.

This thriller had an explosive introduction to Catherine Ling. She was interested and inquisitive at best. I became in awe of her, when she went above and beyond to get her son Luke husband back. I loved how she bounded with Eve on her son's rescue mission. I loved the locations from Georgia to Russia and back to paint us a picture. I did feel bad for Catherine, who might have something in common with Eve, too. I did feel bad for Luke as well, while I hated Rakovac with a passion. Plenty of non-stop action and intrigue to keep you guessing.

Ready to chase a night? Join Catherine and Eve on this adventure now!

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