Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Scandalous Bride

If you love historical romance and anthologies, this is the one for you. In these four stories, there's a couple coming together, an obstacle between them, and a scandal, one way or another, with a happy ending. In The Lady and the Tiger by Christina Dodd, Laura Haver avenge her brother's dead, and pretends to be Keefe Leighton's bride. In Melting Ice by Stephanie Laurie, Dyan will do anything to make Fiona Winston-Ryder melt and burn, a woman who wanted to be his bride in the past, and even now. In Wedding Knight by Celeste Bradley, Kitty "Katrina" Trapp poses as her twin sister, Bitty, on her wedding night, and falls in love with Knight, when the switch is revealed. And in The Proposition by Leslie LaFoy, Rennick St. James has three days to seduce Julia Hamilton, a widow with two grown children, to be his, before her wedding day. This is good for a quick read and to introduce you to Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Celeste Bradley, and Leslie LaFoy's work. I'll be reading Dodd, Bradley and LaFoy in the near future.

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