Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming Back

After Locked-in, Coming Back was the follow up to the Sharon McCone series, which happened months later in the 27th installment by Marcia Muller. When Sharon checked on one of her friends from rehab, she realizes that Piper's not who she was, and then later disappeared. It was up to Sharon and McCone Investigations to find out what happened to her, and to discover her past, when it lead to Adah's abduction and placing her colleagues in trouble, and a strain on her marriage with Hy. When they learned about the coverup, it was now up to cover all the bases, and to sort out what they really want. Lots of drama in this non-stop action-packed mystery.

This mystery was another stellar one. I continue to care about Sharon and her work and her marriage to Hy as well. Although she was strong enough to return to normalcy, thing weren't what they seemed to be. This pulled on my heart strings real tight. I still love the central California location for the series. I also was concerned about Piper, too. This had great drama, plenty of action and shocking surprises along the way.

Want to come back to a terrific series? Pick up a copy today!

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