Monday, February 7, 2011

See No Evil

In Allison Brennan's See No Evil, the second book in the No Evil trilogy series, you'll better be prepared to be chilled in this romantic suspense. Julia Chandler's niece was accused of murder. She needed Connor Kincaid to help find out who framed Emily, while they did have a past--she ruined his career, five years ago. They found out what was really going behind this murder and more, past and present, when they linked the connection of Wishlist, an egroup for anger management, when their fantasies come alive. The closer they do get to the truth, they fell in love and become more in danger. In the end, they hold on and fight for life and justice.

This was another wonderful romantic suspense novel from Allison Brennan. I cared about Julia and Connor and even Emily, when they've gotten tangled up into a nasty mess. I didn't like the people be hind the Wishlist e-group one bit. I loved the California locations for this magnificent romantic series trilogy. This would make you grimace and groan and root for Julia and Connor all the way. Great drama, excellent suspense, tons of heated romance, and lots of non-stop action to keep you at the edge of your seat.

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