Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If you love a good mystery with a hint of humor, you'll enjoy Exclusive, the second book in the Godmothers series. In this one, Teresa Amelia Loudonberry believed her house was haunted by ghosts, and told her friends, Ida, Sophie and Mavis. A bit skeptic, they did a seance and saw two spirits. Meanwhile, Ida was involved with her therapist in a heated romance, when he was up to no good with a scam, and Abby's job was on the line, when she promised him a scoop, which fell through, and have romance issues with her stepbrother Chris. With a hint of paranormal, some good laughs, these senior citizens know how to have fun, and tell a good story.

This was a delightful mystery with a hint of humor, paranormal, and romance in it. I cared about the godmothers and their obstacles in love and life. We've gotten to know them better in this novel. I loved the haunted house as the central location and setting in Virginia. This made me ponder and dwell on life some more. Good drama, nice action and suspense with plenty of intrigue to the end.

Will you receive an exclusive scoop? If so, check it out!

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