Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Desserts

In Mary Daheim's Just Desserts, the first installment in the Bed and Breakfast series, Judith McConigle owned a B&B, which had very old history, when the Brodie family came over, due to their home being fumigated. When she accepted them, it changed everything for Judith and her cousin Renie. And when Wanda, the fortune teller came to visit them with a fortune, things  do go bad to worse, when she died. And now everyone was a suspect, when Judith's ex-boyfriend, Joe Flynn, came on the scene, and brought back memories for Judith, a widow with a son from their past. It was up to Judith and Renie to figure out who was the killer in the middle of the snow storm, before they ended up the same way Wanda did. A delightful mystery.

This was an intriguing introduction to the Bed and Breakfast series. I did care about Judith and Renie, when they started their B&B and invited some guests into their building. I also could see how Judy still cared about Joe, too. I love the concept of having a B&B-themed series that included some delicious recipes, too, in another small town. I did feel bad for Wanda and became curious on the Brodie family.  Great drama, good action and suspense, and plenty of mystery to tie it all in.

Ready for your just deserts? If so, give it a read tonight!

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