Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kiss of Midnight

If you dark, deadly and dangerous heros, you'll love this paranormal romance from Lara Adrian. Gabrielle Maxwell is a photographer, who gets mixed up in a war between vampire wars. When she witnesses a murder, she becomes a victim, when Lucan Thorpe arrives at the scenes, who invaded her wildest dreams and protects her from the Rogues. Lately, they began to understand one another, as the war brews outside, and one of her friends becomes one of them. She understands who she is, a Breedmate, who's meant for Lucan, when they don't realize it. When things gets heated, she becomes a target, as he vows to protect her. A delightful paranormal romance.


  1. I won the 1st 3 books,I must get to them. I am intrigued but they are out of my norm.

    Glad to see you enjoyed them.

  2. I'll have to get my daughter to sub to your blog too, Kristen, she loves these type of books :)


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