Saturday, February 5, 2011


If you love hot romantic suspense, you'll enjoy this one by Judith McNaught. Mitchell Wyatt finds out the scandal behind his rich family and his upbringing, when the police are questioning him after his half-brother's disappearance, after he welcomes him into the family and apologies. He's introduced to the world of high politics. Kate Donovan is in St. Maarten, mourning the loss of her father, when she meets Wyatt and feels an attraction to him. Instantly, they're pulled together and make love, during three days of magic, as the investigation continues. Kate forgets about her boyfriend in Chicago, as she finds out all about him, and probes on the past, swapping family secrets. When Kate finds out he lied to her, they go their separate ways. Things gets complicated, when she becomes pregnant with his child, when they meet once again at a party; two years later, they meet again, when her son's kidnapped and they forgive each other with a happy ending. Beautifully written.

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